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Mohammad Fozouni (PhD)

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Academic Timeline

I’m Mohammad. A mathematician who likes to work with data and computer software with a keen interest in Data Stream Processing. In the following lines, you can see some details and info of my academic achievements:  

1- Graduated in PhD from Kharazmi University– 2014 (see my genealogy HERE)

2- Assistant Professor of Mathematics in Gonbad Kavous University– 2014 (see my academic webpage HERE)

3- Head of the Mathematics and Statistics Department (Winter 2017- Winter 2019)

4- Chairman of the 2nd National Congress on Mathematics and Statistics, Gonbad Kavous University, 20 February 2020

5- Associate Professor of Mathematics in Gonbad Kavous University- 2022


Know me more

Industry Timeline

From 2018 which I officially started working with data I have done some cool data science or engineering projects which I mention some of them here:

1- Absenteeism Project for a Factory – 2019 (A data science project which we have designed a machine learning algorithm based on the historical data to predict the amount of employees’ absenteeism)

2- Customer Churn Prediction and Customer Absorption Project for an Educational Platform in Iran – 2020 (In this project, we used of google analytics result and obtained some wonderful results

3- Predicting the Students Scores using Machine Learning and Statistics – 2021 (Based on the historical records of students, we designed a algorithm to tell us which students will have difficulty in educational period)

4- Database Migration Project for a Bank – 2023 (In this work we have migrated some database of a financial corporation with 15 TB volume to AWS)

5- Designing a Data Pipeline for a Real State Corporation – 2024 (In this project, using Amazon EC2 servers, we build some data pipelines to get data from the web URLs and dump them in AWS s3 service


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Do you have a massive amount of data, but struggle to turn it into actionable insights? I can help you. I’m a data engineer and consultant with expertise in building data infrastructure and wrangling complex datasets. I can design and implement solutions to unlock the potential of your data, so you can make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage. My solution can use open-source to cloud providers like AWS. We are ok with them. 

Do not hesitate. call me today for a completely free and friendly meeting. 

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What we are good at

These days there are a lot of tools and databases. But we are good and professional at the following ones:

Infrastructure 85%
Apache Spark
Stream Processing 85%
Apache Kafka
Stream Processing 85%
Database of pipeline 80%
Data analysis 80%
Container Management 75%
Operating system 50%

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